Category: Red Wine

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Avensole Winery 2015 Enchanté

Avensole 2015 Enchanté

As with the nose, in the 2015 Enchanté oak flavors lead. Vanilla and woody cedar are most prominent, with undertones of nutmeg and clove.

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Oak Mountain Winery 2015 Pinotage

Oak Mountain 2015 Pinotage

Campfire smoke, toffee, and a blend of starchy banana and cranberry show up front. Blackberry, coffee, and tobacco elements follow. The wine has undertones of earth and wet leaves — likely from bottle aging — as well as nutmeg, vanilla, and goat cheese from the yeast and oak respectively.

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Europa Village 2016 Sangiovese

It’s worth noting the quality of 2016 Sangiovese. It lacks some of the spiciness and oakiness you’ll commonly find in wines from that varietal, but I consider that a positive. The fruit doesn’t need to hide behind these secondary flavors, something indicative of the grapes being picked by hand as opposed to machine-harvested. The result is a pleasant, easy drinking experience which appeals to most palates.