Vindemia 2015 Syrah

Vindemia 2015 Syrah

Winery/Vineyard: Vindemia Winery
Product/Varietal: 100% Syrah
Vintage: 2015
AVA on Bottle: Temecula Valley
Winemaker: David Bradley

Rating: 94

4.1 out of 5 stars of Vivino (all vintages).

How They Describe It

To produce a Syrah, you must first learn the rules of winemaking and become a pro. Then break them like an artist.

How I Describe It

The Vindemia 2015 Syrah is deeply colored and hazily unfiltered. Beneath the highly concentrated liquid lies a layer of tannic silt — a sign of the intense flavors to come. The hue is mainly ruby, though somewhat paradoxically the wine has both tints of purple and of garnet.

Blueberry, black currant, blackberry, and boysenberry are met with undertones of vanilla and pastry. Tertiary aromas emerge with hints of leather, turned earth, and unlit cigar.

Rich black cherry and black current blend with blackberry and boysenberry. Whispers of black pepper and rosemary create soft spice. Subtle notes of leather and truffle form a divine finish.

The Vindemia 2015 Syrah is dry with high alcohol (14.0% ABV). Beautifully velvety high tannins come almost entirely from the grapes, while medium-plus acid lends a crisp balance. Nevertheless, this is a very full bodied wine, with pronounced flavor intensity, and a long finish.

Why is This Wine Special?

Syrah is a French varietal known for its big flavors. In France’s Rhône Valley, Syrah is the robust, dark, fruity base of many world renowned wines. In warmer, sunnier Australia, Syrah (or Shiraz, as they refer to it) takes on even brighter flavors, higher alcohol content, and more body. But in the sunny Temecula Valley AVA, Syrah bursts especially brilliantly with flavor and body.

Vindemia’s owner/winemaker, David Bradley, took this robust grape, harvested a magnificent vintage, and tailored this bottling to bring out its very best for years to come. The tannic silt ensures ageability for those patient enough to cellar the wine, but now with over half a decade of age behind it we already can see what a masterpiece this wine is.

Patience is a virtue with the Vindemia 2015 Syrah, though. While necessary breathing or decanting time decreases as the years progress, currently it’s best to let it aerate for around two hours. It’s a long time to open but not drink spectacular wine, but the flavors you’ll experience by waiting are well worth it.

When & How I Would Drink It

The Vindemia 2015 Syrah is the wine you open with the grilled cut of meat you splurged for — the filet mignon; the ribeye; the tomahawk. Next, grill up or roast some seasoned vegetables (zucchini and other squashes would do well) to go with it, and perhaps roast a bulb of garlic. Serve with a toasted baguette on the side.

On the other hand, drink the 2015 Syrah on its own. The flavors; the layers are intense enough, balance enough, and interesting enough to stand alone. This is a wine to be appreciated.

How to Get It

Order Online: to view current wines. Email or phone orders only at (951) 760-9334 or

Bottle Price: Contact the winery for details

Cases Produced: unknown


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